Sunday, March 03, 2013

Desk Organizing Day!

Today I literally spent my whole afternoon re-organizing my desk. Including the drawers and stuffs I don't wanna put in my room any longer. Plus I got this Desk Organizer thingy from the Go Girl Magazine a couple days ago so it kinda motivate me to clean up my desk and make space for my studying time because now I am a 9th grader I have to start the engine to fight for April 22, the national exam! This Desk Organizer thingy is so helpful it made my desk look girlier yet useful in the same way. I put some notebooks and magazine on the back, stationary things and pencil cases in the middle, and you see 4 squares in the front. I used one for my candy section, I always need to chew candies when I'm studying. My headset and Panda Pocketbac on the second box. Some tissues and medicure things on the other boxes. 

aaaaand it looks like this! It's very very easy to make. 


1 comment:

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