Tuesday, January 29, 2013

quick update.

Lately I found myself watching fashion videos on youtube, scrolling down fashion bloggers, checking myself in the mirror every once in a while, planning what to wear for tomorrow, spending hourrs just to pick the right outfit for an event, matching up old & used shirts with something I just bought, paying attention to outfits that actresses wears in a TV show or a movie, saving up to buy a new outfit, listening to new kinds of music, and believe me the list goes on and on.

I just realized my obsession on watching fashion vlogs on Youtube. Such as Macbarbie07 and Krazyrayray.
At first I only liked the way they talk, but then, their fashion videos and tips seems interesting also. And another obsession of mine is.......... watching chick flicks like Pretty Little Liars, Glee S4, Jane By Design, and my newest obsession, The Carrie Diaries. Which has been interrupting my studying time, a bit. 

Painting, I'm no longer allowed to paint because I have to focus on my national exams. Which suck. Wanna know why? Cause I kinda miss my Sunday Routines which I usually do every Sunday. Everything F.U.N. needs to be post poned until year 10. Yes, Highschool. Even going out & hanging out with my friends on weekends :( But I'll find a way and figure that out. 

I need a break, a holiday, a quality me-time.

Guitar, lately I've been watching a lot of video covers on Youtube. Mostly acoustics. Plus, Greyson Chance kinda sorta inspired me to play a musical instrument. I thought about the easiest most simplest instrument I want to learn. And I finally decided to learn how to play the guitar. But I need to find a way to make it different cause acoustic covers on youtubes are too mainstream. Problem is, my parents, well, especially my mom said I can't focus on music because music is haram in islam. But everything's worth a try!

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