Monday, December 31, 2012

Chapter 12: Page 366 of 366.

Knowing that today is the last day in 2012, I want to write down some accomplishments I've already accomplished in 2012. 

2012 Accomplishments.

- Went to Australia! The biggest accomplishment in 2012.
- Finished reading a whole book. 
- Completed my One Direction section with books and magazines. 
- Fell in love with someone who actually trusts me. 
- Had some me-time alone at the mall, twice. 
- Tried out the Wall Street trial by my self.
- Got my name on the Top 10 rank in my class, three times in a row. 
- Tried&did something out of the ordinary. 
- Party with Definitional.
- Made whole new friends.
- Got rid of my past. (which has been haunting me before)
- Designed my own room. (& got a lot of compliments for it)
- Stand out to my self. (just now! weeeeee) 
- Went shopping on my own. (Which is also one of my birthday wish) 
- Finished one painting on my own, without any help. 
- Threw away unused stuffs in my room. 
- Posted a lot of self pics on instagram. (I don't see why I call this an accomplishment. oh well..
- Wrote a fanfic for a friend.

Well I had a splendid 2012, hope 2013 would be more and more. 


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