Thursday, June 14, 2012


i love,
endless&pointless conversation with that special someone
sitting next to you
chatting with an old friend
guys with dimples
being on top
blogging and tweeting. simply, social networking
listening to music that suits me perfectly
having someone to rely on
being loved
watching movies that makes my heart skips a beat
cupcakes, ice cream, chocolate, sweets, &everything nice!
popcorns&drinks during a movie marathon
cute t-shirts
being complimented&appriciated
my lovely mood boosters
making friends with nice people
simply, one direction
getting a lot of followers, that means getting more friends
to get anything i could possibly want
being called awesome cause I simply am.

&i hate,
waking up super morning
feeling insecure
being late
cleaning up
copy cats
homeworks and tasks
mood busters
being unwanted by people i want the most
ghosts and scary stories
pretty much it. I don't hate a lot of things in this world cause I love my life.

extras; i wish,
to make my parents proud of me
to get perfect scores in school
to have matching wardrobe
to meet one direction
to maybe be famous? yea that'd be great
to make people happy
to go to Paris &see the Eiffel tower
to invent something not invented yet
to be a good artist
to have a successful life ahead
to be able to play at least one musical instrument
to be in a movie
to meet my soul mate
to go back to Australia
to have anything I could possibly want
to make a video with one direction
for world peace
people would just admit that i am awesome (lol-_-)

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