Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Project #5

Some photos are taken for my photography class, some are from my boredom, and some are edited on 
colorsplash :)


Sometimes, when i'm bored-to-death and watching TV or listening to music or tweeting or writing or even doodling can't cover my boredness, i paint. But not only on a canvas. On a cup, on a vas, on an ornament, and even on my shoe laces. But i can't wear to school. Too bad :( My school has this so-called-rule that students HAS to wear black/white shoelaces. Same reason why students can't wear white shoes (except Fridays). I hate that rule, but it's good cause students wont be able to show off their new stuffs. Not that i'm on my teacher's side. But hey, don't you get sick of people who always show off? Well, I know I do.

Cookies and Cookie Monster :]

 Who wants some cookies? I baked them my self. Believe it? Don't cause i lied. It's Good Time. I love cookies. I mean who doesn't? Maybe people who are allergic to chocolate? but that's rare. And I just lah-lah LOVE Cookie Monster or shall I say Sid The Cookie Monster?


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