Thursday, December 08, 2011

Chubby Cheeks

I just adore kids who has chubby cheeks. I've told my friends about it before, and they said i like kids who has chubby cheeks just because i don't have chubby cheeks. In a way, that's sorta true. And kids who has chubby cheeks should be proud of them self. They look cute even without trying. But as much as i love chubby cheeks, i really don't like pinching them. Because i know how annoying it would be if people come and pinch your cheeks. But i can't say 'been there done that'.

When i was little i USED to have chubby cheeks, but now my chubby cheeks has disappear :( And now i'm so damn skinny i could be a model on a runway. I have some proofs of my chubby cheeks when i was little.

See? :) Okay mines is not that chubby but at least i have chubby cheeks. Those pictures were taken when i was 3 and 5 years old. I look so adowable :3 

And theres A LOT of chubby cheek-ed kids in Movies such as 
Boo from Monster inc.

Russel from Up!

Bonnie from Toy Story 3. (awww)

and... last but not least.....................
Agnes from Despicable Me! 

Yep it's official, if i had a wish i would wish to have chubbier cheeks. One time, i had a fish who has cheeks well it's not called cheeks i don't know what it is. It had chubby cheeks and i called it Chubby. But he died on 2009 :( I don't know what 'kind' of fish it is. But i bought it in a pet store near my house. And what i ALSO adore are......... KOALAS! I am no longer a fanatic for giraffes and turtles. Cause i think Koalas are more cuddlier and cuter. 

How cute? Oh i would love to have a koala for a pet. But koalas are wild animals who has their own habit. So maybe i'll just have a koala doll who i can snuggle with when i'm sleeping. How cute that will be?

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