Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Jo.co Commercial (The making of)

So i have this commercial assignment for English Class and umm... we were in groups i was with Edo,Nano,and Ensky. At first we wanted to make a commercial about Nike but we ended on making J.co's. The story board is that a girl (me) who bought yogurt (fyi, i didn't like yogurt at first) and didn't want to share the tasty yogurt to her friends, then one of her friend tricked her and took her yogurt! I think my act was an epic fail. But we'll see how the commercial is going to be (epic) after the edits and combining and trimming. So here are some photos of yesterdayyy :)

And after the commercial shoot i ended up liking yogurt. And i think i'm gonna keep j.cooling with friends. Hope i got a great score on this assignment cause we work our ass out. It turns out making a commercial isn't that easy, but you will have that satisfied feeling when it's done. OH and one more photo.

Yep, i'm still 'obsessed' with shoes. I just love converses. And you've probably notice the new header. Did you like it?

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