Friday, September 30, 2011

Keep Calm because Amalia is Back!

Do you know those KEEP CALM signs on tumblr? I made one by my self online. If you want to make one, go google it or simply just ask me how.

This is one of the KEEP CALM sign i made. It says KEEP CALM AND LOVE YOURSELF

I made it because lately, i haven't been loving my self. I was really really mad about my self because i think i wasn't me anymore. Or in my words, I've changed. But sometimes when people change it's a good thing. But for me, it wasn't a good thing. I've changed in to a girl who actually cares what people think. The old me never gave a damn to anything but herself. She does anything, everything and never looks back. Now, i want to make everyone happy by being my self again. So, Note to self : Be yourself, cause nobody can be as good as you.

And i made another one too. It's more like the quote of my life. I always use it whenever i need a cheer for a group :)

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