Friday, September 09, 2011

The Internet was off for 2 days.

So like the title says, The internet was off for 2 days. THOSE 2 TRAGIC DAYS! No blogging, tweeting, chatting, browsing. And yesterday i really really need it. Well, i need to use the Internet everyday. It's like my obligation. Heck no, My daily obligation is praying. Those 2 tragic days i wasn't able to use the Internet. There was a problem with the Wi-fi. I was like WHAT SHOULD I DO NOWWWW? And i just can't explain how bored i was. Seriously, watching TV all night is kinda boring actually. Moreover when theres no good show on!
That is a night that i WILL forget.
This picture was taken along ago before the Internet was off for 2 days. (Amalia, get rid of it!)

Write again later~

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