Thursday, August 25, 2011


My family and i went to Semarang (My Parent's hometown) early this year. So, we went to Semarang on 23rd of August. We flew here by plain and we had to wait for like 3 hours in the lounge so i took some photos. The person behind me actually thought i was a celebrity.................until she saw my face.

And i spent 2 days without browsing on the internet, blogging, tweeting, youtubing. But now, i just can't stand it already.

We're in Malang now cause it's my mom's big day! It's her exam test thingy i don't really know. I'm just psyched to be in Malang now. We even passed Pare which kind of remind me of the good times in BEC.

Here are some pics of me in the airport ;)

This one was actually a failed one, but it turned out pretty awesome

Write again when i finished my holiday :D

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