Thursday, May 12, 2011

What Color Are You?

Hey, Soooo i got some questions from C 'n S Magazine (Fyi, i finally start reading magazines again, only this one is better than the old one BAHAHAHAH. And i really don't want to read like Girls magazine or whatever cause i think their kinda not my type. And bobo was so last year. I mean come on i'm 13 now. So yeah no offense people!)

1. What are you most likely to do in your free time?
❒     Pursing my hobby.
❒     Exploring every corner of the city
❒     Planning a road trip with friends or getting together with a community
     Whatever i feel like doing at the moment.
❒     Taking a nap or enjoying a peaceful afternoon in the library.

2. How do you give your opinion?
❒     I consider the other people's feeling as i speak out.
❒    Calm and clear, no need to raise emotions.
❒    Just say it out loud and clear.
❒    Blurt out whatever's on my mind.
❒    Having figured out all the advantages and disadvantages of stating my opinion. 

3. Rise and shine! It's another morning, and you..
❒     Feel refreshed and at peace
❒     Are sure that everything on my to-do list can be achieved.
❒     Are excited and already thinking about all the things i will do that day
❒     Thank god for another lovely morning.
❒     Get up with lots of enthusiasm, ready to face the day!

4. What makes you happy? 
❒     When i  succeed in carrying out my plans.
❒     When i get what i want
❒     When I'm making something, anything.
❒     When everything at school is going well
❒     When my classmate ask me for advice.

5. When you face a problem, you tend to:
❒     Fix it bit by bit until everything is solved.
❒     Look on the positive side of things and start from there
❒     face it head on!
❒     Stay away from the storm and wait it out for a while before acting on it.
❒     Calm myself down and then tackle the problem.


If you pick mostly red....
Fiery Red is what you are! You're independent, dominant and feisty, almost always getting your way. If you've got something to say, you say it. Your friends seem to love you because of your honesty and loyalty.

If you pick mostly blue....
There's Blue all around you... You're great at keeping calm and clear headed when others are freaking out. Although you tend to avoid conflict, you're not easily taken advantage of. You're a magnet for anyone seeking advice or a different perspective.

If you pick mostly violet...
You're totally Violet! You're a great judge of character because of your natural ability to sense people's true emotions, and your original personality is likely to draw people in. You're just as comfortable with others as you are spending time by yourself. 

If you pick mostly yellow....
Hello, Yellow! You are warm-hearted and full of life. You're spontaneous and sometimes even impulsive and there is never a dull moment when you're around! Creative, original and higly independent are three of your most special traits.

If you pick mostly green....
All hail the Green! You're persistent and ambitious and could probably have the world in the palm of your hand if you wanted it badly enough. You'd make a great leader, being so self-assured and confident in everything you do.

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