Friday, February 11, 2011


Birthweek Diary

Day : 1 05.02.2011
Actually, i had to go the dentist. But apparently, it was My Mom's Birthdaay! So, we celebrate her birthday yadda yadda yadda you've probably already read about it on the other post.

Day : 2 06.02.2011
DENTIST APPOINTMENT! I thought the doctor is gonna pull out my permanent teeth, but naah. The doctor just putted a rubber band on my fang tooth. Then, we went to McDonald's and 7 Eleven.

Day : 3 07.02.2011
It was monday. And because the 9th graders had some try outs and used 7th grade class in the morning, we started class on 9 o'clock until thursday. And today, i gave Farisa a birthday present. Hope she liked it ;)

Day : 4 08.02.2011
I made 13 things i'm gonna do before i'm 13

  1. Be nice(r) to people :)
  2. Face my biggest fear.
  3. Read holy qur'an everyday!
  4. Clean up my room.
  5. Make a new banner.
  6. Make new friends
  7. Study (more) Hard!
  8. Come up with a new idea for my art&craft.
  9. Finish my story (But i don't think i can by the time. busy busy busy)
  10. Get to know my friends more :D
  11. Clear up my problems (i have some..)
  12. Make my family proud.

Almost everything is checked on the list.

Day : 5 09.02.2011
Today was Winda's birthday. Happy Birthday old pal! I wrote a letter and bought a gift for her. And sent it to the post mail. I miss her so much. I know, there's technology. I can greet her via sms, or facebook. But i want to talk to her in a special way. In a way i can remember and have evidence, write a letter.

Day : 6 10.02.2011
Deg..deg.. Several more hours till i turn 13. My brother was so annoying. He kept saying "Cieeeeee". But i know he did that because he loved me :D I was so excited about 2 things by that time. First, I'M TURNING 13! Second, I'm going to Jogja on Saturday :) I had to go to the dentist because of my braces. And at night, i started packing for Jogja.

Day : 7 11.02.2011
The main day. The day i was born. The day where i grew up an age. The day i get older. The day where rules in life had change. The day where i'm turning 13. And officially a teenager.

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