Sunday, December 19, 2010


Perfect? Well let's just say it like this: Everyone's perfect in their own way. In everyone's perfection there has to be something missing or less.

Me? I'm not Perfect myself. Well, i do have clean skin, slim body, beautiful face (i don't mean to brag), nice (if you treat me nice). But, My teeths are not neat. I'm in a process of wearing braces. I'm freakin' out!
And i have this one bad habit. Picky eater. Yes, that's right! I'm a Picky eater. I don't like to eat or even try some foods. Teehee.. Yes that's me!
And for you who think's you're perfect physically, check out your personalities. Are you Nice? Bad? Friendly? Arrogant? Polite? Fad? Motivated? Lazy? Can you be trusted? Are you a liar liar pants on fire? And does your friends like you? Or dislike you? Think about it. Take time to ask your friends about yourself.

You have to realize that Nobody's Perfect. I'm a human, and i'm not perfect.
But, we have to Appreciate everything that Allah gave us. Allah gave us Perfect body, Perfect Nose that can smell, Perfect Eyes that can see, Perfect Ears that can hear, Perfect Mouth that can talk, Perfect legs that can walk, Perfect hands that can hold something, and more.
There's lot's of people out there who is imperfect physically so they can't do anything they want. They have to sit there doing nothing. Isn't that boring?

Thanks Allah for giving me Everything i always needed.

" ...Don't try to be someone else, Be yourself. Because every body else is taken..."

Write again later, bye.

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