Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Alphabetic things about Me.

A – “A” My Favorite Letter
A can stand for Amalia, Awesome, Amazing, Adventure, Amaliaspace and so on. I even have a shirt that says “No more A's “ Hahaha..

B – Black and Blue
Two of my favorite colours, Black and Blue. Sometimes Black combined with Blue and sometimes combined with other colours. Those colours speaks about my personalities, Black = i’m sometimes easly bored, moody, frustarated. Blue = Calm, and sometimes i can be the sweetest girl you’ve ever met.

C – Cheetah
Cheetah is my favorite wild animal. I like Cheetah’s pattern. And, Cheetah’s run very fast :D I also have a cheetah doll named Sasha.

D – Disney Channel!
Just so you know, I’m a disney girl. I Love watching Disney Channel! I often watch Phineas and Ferb, Hannah Montana Forever, Wizards of Waverly place, etc. My Favorite Characters from Disney Channel are : Mickey Mouse (ofcourse), Phineas Flynn, Kick Buttowski, Mulan, Lilo & Stitch, and more.

E – English
English is probably my favorite Subject and Language. I speak english everyday. I spoke English since birth.

F – Family
I live with my parents, and my brother. I’m the smallest child in my family. My father works as a lecture, and so does my mother. My mother also works as a Secretary of Ipwija Foundation. My brother is a college student in UI.

G – Gummy Bear
My favorite Candy! Sometimes i eat gummies when i’m bored, when i’m studying, or even when i’m blogging. Gummies Rule!

H – Halifax
I was born in Halifax, Canada. February 11th 1998. It’s a very wonderfull place. I met lot’s of friends there. And i really really misses the season especially Winter. I get to play snow, make snow angels, build a snow man, and even slide down hills.

I – Interior Designer
I want to be an Interior Designer when i grow up. I like designing! Everytime i see something a mess, i'm just dying to re-design it. Sadly, I can't.

J – Jakarta
Jakarta, Indonesia. The place where i grew up. I lived in Jakarta since i was 6 years old. It's quit amazing. The place where my Journey begin.

K – Karate Kid!
I Love that movie. Well, some people say that’s a boring movie, but, i don’t care i still love it. Maybe it's because of Jaden Smith? Hahah Kidding.

L – Lemon Tea
My favorite Drink. When i go to a restaurant, Any restaurant, i always ask for Lemon Tea. Otherwise i’ll order orange juice or Coke.

M – Music
Listening to music is like my passion, I listen to music almost every day! I listen to Jazz, Rock, Pop, and even Country. But the music i listen to sometimes based on my mood.

N – Nickelodeon
My 2nd Favorite Channel! I often watch iCarly, Victorious, Fanboy chum chum, Big Time Rush, drake and josh, etc. I even have my own time on watching Nickelodeon. It's called Nick Time. Every 3pm-5pm. Hehe..

O – Oop
We have been classmates since the first grade.

P – Phineas and Ferb!
My favorite Cartoon on Disney Channel! I Love to watch Phineas and Ferb, They make me believe that anything can happen if you try. And Phineas and Ferb has losts of big Imaginations, with the help of their friends of course.

Q – Queensland
I want to go to Queensland, i think it’s beautiful. And i love the name Queensland. One time, me and my friend named the canteen in my school "Queensland" I don't know, it's random.

R – Red
My second favorite color.

S – Samsung
My phone. I bought this May 2010. I really like it. Cause it’s my dream phone. It's not really modern, but i still love it :D

T – Tumblr and Twitter
They should be twins, i mean i love them and use the both the same way. Hahaha. My tumblr – My twitter -- @Amaliaspace, @Amaliasaurus

U – Umbrella

I randomly have an obsession with umbrellas

V – Vanilla
My favorite flavour ice cream.

W – Winda
My old best friend. I’ve knew her since preschool. But now she moved to somewhere in Tegal

X –... this one's hard.

Y – You!
Hey! This is where you come up. If you're reading this, that means you're awesome B)

Z – Zenon
Do you know the movie “Zenon the 21th Century girl”? That movie was AMAZING. And i love the name Zenon. But, I never met a girl/guy named Zenon. When i was younger, i used to play pretend with my cousins, and i have to choose a name. I choose Zenon. What a cool Name? Duh.

ps: I'm still thinking about the missing alphabet. Give me some idea. I'd love a good idea. Thanks.